Friday, April 30, 2010

Through the Roof!

The Garden's arid greenhouse is home to a century plant. It blooms every 15 years or so, as a newborn plant emerges from beneath it. After it blooms it promptly dies. Which is not surprising when you see the size of its flower!

This one has yet to bloom, but its monstrous flower spike is growing quickly. They had to remove a glass panel from the roof for it.

They had just started up the fountains...

...and turned on the waterfalls

A red-tailed hawk posed nicely for us in the waterfall garden.

This man tempted him to take a cracker.

From outside English walled garden...

Rhododendrons and magnolias were blooming on the Japanese island gardens.

We saw a man shoot his girlfriend!

The model trains weren't yet running throught the railroad garden. It's like an oversized bonsai garden with traffic.

More early springtime sights from around the grounds...

The century plant wasn't the only spectacular thing in the greenhouses...

(From the Chicago Botanic Garden - 4/10/10 and 4/17/10)

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